U.S. and Cuban Scientists Study Hurricanes of the Past

U.S. and Cuban Scientists Study Hurricanes of the Past

U.S. and Cuban Scientists Study Hurricanes of the Past

Havana, Mar 22 – U.S. and Cuban researchers analyze the frequency and intensity of hurricanes that ravaged the island in the past, during a workshop being held today in this capital, informs daily Granma.

Experts grouped in the scientific project Evaluatiobn of Paleoclimates and Paleohurricanes in Cuba and the Caribbean in the last 10 thousand years, based on High Resolution Registries of Espeleothemes, expect to create a methodology that allows to expand knowledge of those events, says the report.

To achieve that objective they will study the tracks left by those natural phenomena in the growth bands of stalagmites present in different caves west of the archipelago, told the newspaper the head of that initiative, Jesus Pajon.

Work results, led by the also curator of the Cuban National Natural History Museum will be very important to evaluate possible cycles of return or recurrence, particularly those notably strong cases, adds the note.

Cuban scholars work in the project, part of the National Programn of Climate Change in Cuba. Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation with the collaboration of the Climate Centar of the Institute of Meteorology, and from the universities of Auburn and Alabama, United States.

The Paleoclimatology is of great interest worldwide, it studies the climate characteristics of the Earth along its history. (Prensa Latina)

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