First Portuguese Construction Firm in Mariel Zone

First Portuguese Construction Firm in Mariel Zone

First Portuguese Construction Firm in Mariel Zone

Cuba, Apr 24 – “The Engimov Caribe S.A., which is the first Portuguese company approved in the local Especial Developing Zone (ZEDM), will look for accompanying the socioeconomic progress of Cuba through a highly prioritized sector like the construction one. “ Its representatives reaffirmed.

Miguel Almeida, who is the vice president of that Portuguese firm that is part of the last five authorized customers to operate that Cuban megaproject, said that they want to grow and participating and helping in that goal, along with Cuba’s related development .

“We want the Cuban project to be the first in Latin America and making this nation its headquarters.”The director of Engimov, which is middle-size enterprise with a decade of related working experience and based on Spain, France, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and the Republic of Congo.

After being authorized since last February 3rd, the project is planned to be carried out in two-year and a half period and it includes a reinforced concrete factory of which its construction will start this year, a prefabricated reinforced concrete factory, a carpenter’s workshop for aluminum and another one for wood. They are related lines which will be sent to the domestic market and the exportation.

Miguel Almeida pointed out that company would also offer constructive and engineering services as part of the ZEDM and the idea about opening another branch with its offers nationwide. Moreover, he considered as really good the advantages offered by that area for the foreign investors and thanked the support given by the office that control the Special Zone, during the setting-up of that firm.

“We are the first Portuguese enterprise in having begun in the Especial Developing Zone. However, we are sure that there will be other ones attracted by the open opportunities here. “He pointed out.

According to Ana Teresa Igarza, who is the director of that office, the presence of Engimov firm in Cuba is the result of the strengthening of the economic relations between both nations and that allows the reestablishment of new ones as part of sectors of mutual interest and impact for the national economics.

“We are feeling pleased that enterprise had trusted in our project in order to develop a high-requested activity and priority for the Especial Developing Zone and the nation.” He added.

“Thus far, there are 24 users present in this important area of 45 kilometers long to the west of the Cuban capital which is thought to be a referential spot in Latin America.”

On a context where Cuba and Portugal have increasing their political, economic and cultural bonds, the Portuguese ambassador, Luis Faro in Havana city, foretold that those bonds will be intensified through a high-level bilateral exchange such as the official visit that is being carried out by the Cuban foreign minister, Bruno Rodríguez to Europe, which included Lisbon city.(Radio Rebelde)


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