WHO Warns of Malaria Risk

WHO Warns of Malaria Risk

WHO Warns of Malaria Risk

Geneva, Apr 25  –  About 3.2 billion people, almost half of the world’s population, are at risk of malaria, warns the WHO on the occasion of the World Day for this disease, held every April 25.
Although cases and deaths have been reduced since 2000, there are still some challenges to overcome, warns the World Health Organization (WHO) from the World Malaria Report published on its website.

The achievements are due to the massive expansion of effective disease prevention and treatment tools, such as insecticide-treated bed nets, diagnostic tests and antimalarial drugs.

However, in 2015, the estimated number of cases was 214 million, with 438,000 deaths, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. There are millions of people who still do not have access to the services they need to prevent and treat malaria, warned the source.

Let us finish with malaria forever is the motto of this world day. According to experts, it reflects the vision of a world without the disease, established in the World Technical Strategy against malaria 2016-2030.

The strategy taken in May 2015 by the World Health Assembly is aimed at drastically reducing the global burden of malaria throughout the next 15 years.

The disease infects more than 200 million people and kills almost half a million every year, according to figures from institutions specialized in its treatment.(Prensa Latina)

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