Forum on Cuba´s Results on Cataract Surgery runs in Havana

Forum on Cuba´s Results on Cataract Surgery runs in Havana

Forum on Cuba´s Results on Cataract Surgery runs in Havana

Cuba, Apr 27 – Specialists from all over the country will attend from today the 9th National Cataract Workshop, where they will show the experience and achievements of this surgery in Cuba, which results are comparable with those achieved by developed nations.

This forum, on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the founding by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, of the Ocular Microsurgery Center of the Cuban Ophthalmological Institute, will deal with cataract surgery, the Cuban experience in trifocal intraocular lenses, and the update in the pediatric cataract, among other subjects.

Dr. Reinaldo Ríos, deputy director of the center, told ACN that the meeting will also include a scientific symposium on the results of the last decade in surgery of cataract, first cause of curable blindness in the world.

Ríos, also head of the National Ophthalmology Group, said that in the last three years they have conducted more than 36 thousand operations of this type, thus setting a record figure which greatest amount was achieved last year with almost 13,000 surgeries, more than 90% of them through the phacoemulsification technique.

Another topic of the scientific forum will be about the update on pediatric cataract, and eye and systemic diseases associated with that ailment in children.

In addition, in the event that will conclude tomorrow, attendees can know about the multicentric studies on the subject and refractive results in congenital cataract operations, said Ríos, founder of the Ocular Microsurgery Center, created on April 29, 1988.

Since then, 287,040 patients have undergone surgery in that institution, leader of cataract surgery in the country and undoubtedly in much of the world, Dr. Ríos noted.(ACN)

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