Camagüey with Attractive Proposals for Tourism Fair

Camagüey with Attractive Proposals for Tourism Fair

Camagüey with Attractive Proposals for Tourism Fair

Camagüey, May 3rd – Tour operators, travel agencies and the press accredited to the International Tourism Fair, which kicks off on Wednesday in Holguin, will learn about Camaguey’s heritage values and virtues of its close to 20 kilometers of the famous Santa Lucia beach, located in the provinces’ northern region.

The 37th edition of the most important tourism event in the country held this year in the eastern province of Holguin until the 6th will serve to show the potential of Camaguey with the largest coastal and beach area in the Cuban archipelago.

Dedicated to the product of circuits and Germany as guest of honor, the Fair will highlight the cultural aspects of Camaguey as a distinctive element in Cuba.

The tourism fair will be the perfect scenario for Camaguey to change its imagine as a circuit destination and exhibit its attractions for longer stays of its vacationers, mainly in the city declared a World Heritage Site.

German tourism is one of the main markets in Camaguey, after Canada and Italy, both in the city as in Santa Lucia beach.

This resort, in addition, to having four hotels with great comfort and quality services has almost 20 kilometers of excellent beaches and magnificent diving areas among others. The Great Coral Barrier north of Cuba is less than a kilometer from the city’s northern coast.

Camaguey has a rich culture also a diverse architectural heritage since the colonial period to the present, rich in squares found in very few regions in the Americas.

Different artistic and literary manifestations in addition to its cuisine and oral traditions will be exhibited in the Tourism Fair.

Presentations will also include the production of its own areas and the socio economic development of the province that includes state and the none state sector.(Adelante)


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