The ongoing 2017 Hematology Event

The ongoing 2017 Hematology Event

The ongoing 2017 Hematology Event

Cuba, May 11st – The 2017 Hematology event is being carried out from May 8th through 12th at the local Convention Palace. The VIII Cuban Congress on Hematology includes the X Latin American Hematology event and the Immunology and the Transfusion Medicine one, the V International Workshop on Hemophilia and the III Workshop on Primary Immunodeficiency.There are researchers from 24 nations who sent their presentations containing up to 395 themes. The event´s organizers also announced the participation of 61 foreign delegates and 370 Cuban specialists.

The leukemia and other malignant homeopathy, transplant of related cells, some hemophilia diseases, coagulation disorders, hereditary and acquired anemia and different types of immunodeficiency and immunologic disorders, including the immunodeficiency and the Transfusion and immunological medicine, respectively.

Oncologists, Hematology therapists, technologists, laboratory personnel, internists, pediatricians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, orthopedists, physiotherapists, psychologists, nurses and many other specialists are participating at the aforementioned Congress which is held every four years.(Radio Rebelde)


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