Cuba Participating in Campaign against the Mosquito

Cuba Participating in Campaign against the Mosquito

Cuba Participating in Campaign against the Mosquito

Cuba, May 12nd – Cuba has joined the Action week campaign against the mosquito in Latin America which is being held between May 8th through 14th that is promoted by the Pan American Health Organization and it is being dedicated to the elimination of the Aedes Aegypti epidemic sources in the school, working and community environments.

According to the digital site about the Promotion Health and Diseases Prevention, that date coincides with the beginning of the intensive-campaign stage against the mosquito and that is the objective which is enabling the participation of the population, mass organizations and different sectors.

The Granma newspaper reports that the female official of the National epidemic headquarters of the Health Ministry (MINSAP) and Esther Pallarols Mariño pointed out that one of the challenges is precisely to guarantee the stability of the epidemic situation, along with a favorable tendency in the current year.

In addition, Esther Pallarols Mariño explained that the related scenery would continue being difficult due to the circulation of some virus which are being transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito like in the case of Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika and the Yellow fever which means a high risk for the nation.

The aforementioned epidemiologist pointed out that the epidemic source is lower than the same period last year. However, it did not reach the proper required levels to eliminate the transmissions of those diseases in spite of there is not an active Dengue infestation in any province.

After adding that it is observed a decrease of the cases of the suspicious fever syndromes and the confirmed Dengue and Zika cases, the specialists point out that we have only an active Zika virus transmission in the local Regla and Arroyo Naranjo municipalities.(Radio Rebelde)


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