Cuban National Library Receives Donation from French Counterpart

Cuban National Library Receives Donation from French Counterpart

Cuban National Library Receives Donation from French Counterpart

Cuba, May 13rd – The Jose Marti National Library received on Wednesday in Havana an important donation of equipment from its French counterpart aimed at saving the sound and audiovisual heritage that treasures its archives.
France’s ambassador to Cuba, Jean Marie Bruno highlighted the cooperation ties that unites both institutions constituting places of encounters and exchanges of knowledge.

The ambassador recalled that relations between both libraries began several years ago and were strengthened in 2016 with the signing of an agreement allowing future actions related with document cooperation and exchange of specialized knowledge.

The French diplomat added that cooperation in the technical area, which we celebrate today with the donation of materials, are destined to the audiovisual and soundtracks.

Eduardo Torres Cuevas, director of the National Library pointed out that this equipment will allow among other actions, to rescue musical and audiovisual treasures, which were not possible to use due to its bad conditions.

He said that its part of the great challenge that the Library has is to place the material in digital formats and to restore the enormous richness of the musical treasures, which will be at the service of all the public library system in the country.

Torres Cuevas highlighted the fraternal and professional ties that has emerged in these past years between the French and Cuban libraries.
Juan Carlos Val Pino, sound engineer of the National Library commented that the institution will be able to offer new services to the public with the new equipment; above all, specialists and students will be mostly benefited with the technology.

The musical library, he added has a great collection of opera pieces, one of the most complete in Cuba due to the amount and artists the recorded them.

It also treasures, among others, original sheet music of Cuban authors like Ernesto Lecuona, Gaspar Villate, Ignacio Cervantes and Nicolas Ruiz Espadero.(acn)

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