Lack of containers affects coal exports in Camagüey province

Lack of containers affects coal exports in Camagüey province

Lack of containers affects coal exports in Camagüey province

Camagüey, May 24 – The province of Camagüey has exported to Europe in the first four months of 2017 half of the charcoal it had planned due to lack of containers.

The Local Industries Company, in charge of producing and exporting this product, didn’t receive the containers on time from a foreign company it uses for its exports.

Only 180 tons were shipped till May, out of plan to export 1000 tons this years, which means to get back to schedule, the Cuban company will have to gat access to containers ensure the availability of containers and eliminate the situation that has become the limiting factor for the export of charcoal in the province, whose product is recognized for its quality standards in Turkey, Spain, Cyprus , Portugal, Romania and Germany, and Canary Islands said the official.

Following the reorganization of the production bases, following the implementation of three collection, processing, packaging and dispatching centers, Camagüey’s Local Industries Company (EPIL) achieves greater control of its economic resources.

These actions, previously dispersed throughout the territory, are now concentrated in the municipalities of Minas, Jimaguayú and Camagüey, Neida Verdecia, director general of the EPIL, said while pointing out the intention to provide these places with all the technical conditions they

The introduction of screening machines – mechanical means to remove coal and select them by its size – benefits the process and humanizes more that work was done manually in the five centers previously intended for those tasks, he said.

The entity projected an income for this year, for the production and export of charcoal, of over two million 238 thousand pesos in national currency, and 360 thousand convertible pesos, said Onelio Guillén, at the head of the Exports Funds activity.

These dividends, he explained, are of great importance for the promotion of other productions, whether for the internal or external market.(ACN)

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