Henry Reeve Medical Brigade, an Example of Unprecedented Solidarity

Henry Reeve Medical Brigade, an Example of Unprecedented Solidarity

Henry Reeve Medical Brigade, an Example of Unprecedented Solidarity

Havana, May 26 – Solidarity is again the banner of the Henry Reeve’ Cuban medical brigade, which today receives the Public Health Award in Memory of Dr. Lee Jong-wook, granted by the World Health Organization (WHO).
The formally Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade of Physicians Specialized in Disasters and Serious Epidemics, emerges on September 19th, 2005, and remains as an unprecedented organization in the world.

And since the beginning of the triumph of the Revolution, solidarity and internationalism has been one of its basic principles. The genesis took place some days before, in August 2005, when a medical brigade is founded to give aid to the population affected by the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the United States; although the Cuban government’s offer was rejected by Washington.

This brigade was called ‘Henry Reeve’ Medical Force, in memory of that exceptional young American fighter who died fighting for the independence of Cuba.

The contingent aims to co-operate immediately, with its specially trained personnel, with any country suffering a catastrophe: large hurricane lashes, floods or other natural phenomena, as well as epidemics that constitute true social disasters.

Since its founding, the Henry Reeve medical brigade has given medical care in at least 16 countries, facing, among other situations, territories devastated by earthquakes (Pakistan, Indonesia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, China); hurricanes (Guatemala, Haiti); floods (Peru, Mexico); or the Ebola outbreak (Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone).(Prensa Latina)

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