Cuba to host Latin-American Zoos Congress

Cuba to host Latin-American Zoos Congress

Cuba to host Latin-American Zoos Congress

Cuba, May 31 – The 24th Congress of the Latin American Association of Zoos and Aquariums (ALPZA) will be inaugurated at the Havana Convention Center.

At least 300 professionals from countries in the region such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela will attend the meeting that will run until Saturday, Yamile Rodriguez, member of the organizing committee, told ACN.

According to Rodriguez, one of the main objectives of the congress is to promote regional inter-institutional cooperation actions on conservation, sustainability, modern technology development and human capital formation.

Attendees will also share experiences and contribute to the updating and exchange of knowledge, thus stimulating animal welfare and the development of educational strategies in institutions.

Cuba has numerous aquariums and 23 micro zoos that received in 2014 a huge donation of animals from Namibia which included in addition lab equipment, medicines, weapons (rifles) for sedation of animals, and an important volume of food destined to their stage of adaptation in the quarantine.(acn)


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