Jardines del Rey Tourist Resort: Conditions for Summer Getting Ready

Jardines del Rey Tourist Resort: Conditions for Summer Getting Ready

Jardines del Rey Tourist Resort: Conditions for Summer Getting Ready

Ciego de Avila, Jun 1st –  Cuban tourist destination Jardines del Rey (northern coastline of Ciego de Avila) is adjusting conditions in its tourist installations for the summer season, when the demand of the national market starts growing.

Iyolexis Correa, a delegate from the Cuban Ministry of Tourism in Ciegop de Avila, said they are working for the conditioning of the hotels, recreation units, and the search for attarctive offers.

Correa pointed out that for the months of July and August, they expect an increase of the attendance by national tourists from different provinces of Cuba, attracted by the natural landscapes in the zone.

Jardines del Rey is located at the north of Ciego de Avila, 500 kilometres from Havana and in the first third of the year 2017, has received more than 230,000 tourists, mainly, from Canada, United Kingdom and Argentina, in that order.

Other tourists from France, Russia, Poland and Italy, since new flights have been incorporated, have arrived in the international airport of Cayo Coco. For the next winter season, they will open 1,000 rooms in 2 new hotels in Punta Rasa, Cayo Guillermo, as part of the invsetments in the region.

Among the nautical activities, they plan to include the water skiing with cables, in zones close to the Interaction Center with Dolphins and the zone in which the so-called ‘Kite Surf’ (surfing with a kite attacched to 5 cables) is practiced generally.

ardines del Rey is today one of the most important sun and beach destinations for tourism in Cuba with 8,018 rooms in 16 hotels. It also has a native vegetation, which distinguishes it from the rest of the island.

It also has 40 kilometers of excellent beaches, exhuberant sea bottoms and a wide net of recreation installations.(Prensa Latina)


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