Cuba continues efforts to improve water quality

Cuba continues efforts to improve water quality

Cuba continues efforts to improve water quality

Cuba, Jun 5th – Supplying water to the population and ensuring its quality continue to be key priorities for the Cuban government. Despite the severe drought facing the nation, significant efforts continue to deliver potable water to 8,035,397 Cubans, 25,400 more than in 2015, via the National Water Institute’s (INRH) system of aqueducts.

Stability in the treatment of water has been largely achieved, with the 96% of the liquid chlorinated, according to a report outlining environmental accomplishments this past year. The chlorine and caustic soda plant in the province of Villa Clara has made an important contribution to this accomplishment, producing a number of chemicals used in the treatment process.

According to the report, a total of 2,484 settlements receive purified water from the INRH, and modest progress has been made in the elimination of leaks, metering, and rehabilitation of distribution networks.

Likewise work continues on identifying and eliminating sources of contamination that affect water supplies, with the report indicating that 115 such projects were launched in 2016, to address 26.4% of the issues, although only nine had been completed.

Also reported was progress in the clean-up of the country’s bays, where 474 sources of pollution have been identified. Thirteen have been eliminated and 42 have significantly reduced their emissions. Efforts over the last few years have reduced the introduction of organic waste into these bodies of water by 9,717 tons annually, the report states.(Granma)


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