Science and Technology in Alliance with Sustainable Development

Science and Technology in Alliance with Sustainable Development

Science and Technology in Alliance with Sustainable Development

Camagüey, Jun 7th – Cuban researchers and academics as well as representatives from other countries stated on Monday in Camagüey that they favor the application of technological, contextualized and responsibe evaluations in harmony with the environment and the comprehensive participation of all sciences.

During the opening of the 7th International Conference on Science and Technology for a Sustainable Development underway at the Santa Cecilia Convention Center, the national and international participants agreed in the need to assume sustainable actions with a multi-disciplinary focus from a knowhow integration, dialog and public participation in technical-scientific issues.

They recognized work perspectives, adapting to climate change, management for the reduction of disasters, environmental and territorial reorganization as initial elements of the production cycle, gender focus, agreement, inter-sectorial cooperation and coordination and the self-transformation on the community level.

Researcher of the Environment Research Center in Camagüey, Josefa Primelles, appealed at the event’s master conference to knowledge, sensibility and environment consciousness of the people in order to achieve adopting responsible environmental conducts, greater commitment and the active and rational participation in decision-making.

Cuba, with a vision of a sovereign, independent, socialist, democratic, prosperous and sustainable country has important challenges in the design of careful strategies of economic and social development in a complex world scenario with growing signs of climate change and serious environmental problems, said the Professor of the University of Camagüey.

He added that the country is currently working on the challenges with the conceptualization of the Cuban economic and social model of socialist development, the development project to the year 2030, the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and Revolution for the period 2016-2021 and a State program called Life Task to adapt to Climate Change.

The President of the organizing committee of the event, Yoesdely del Carmen Cruz Acosta told ACN that the current edition is distinguished by a greater presence of representatives, 150 on this occasion, who represent all of the provinces and Guatemala, UK, Argentina, Ecuador, the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Belgium.

The conference was held for the first time in 2005 with only three symposiums and now there are nine, said Cruz Acosta, who also announced that simultaneous meetings will session in the Botanico Park, the Nuevo Mundo Video Hall, the Carlos J. Finlay House-Museum, City Historian’s Office in Camaguey and the Cultural Management Center.

Some of the issues that were discussed were agricultural and chemical sciences, electric and mechanical engineering, gender, family and society focus, environmental management, local development, computer science, socialization of information, botany, physical activities and sports.(Adelante)

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