Companies from 11 Countries to Participate in Cuban Sugar Fair

Companies from 11 Countries to Participate in Cuban Sugar Fair

Companies from 11 Countries to Participate in Cuban Sugar Fair

Havana, Jun 26 – Companies from 11 countries will exhibit their products and services this week at Pabexpo fairgrounds, in this capital, where about 25 lectures will be given as part of the 14th Congress on Sugar and Byproducts that will open on Monday.
Participants come from Sweden, China, Panama, Australia, Mexico, Spain, France, India, Brazil, United Kingdom and Israel, according to members of the organizing committee.

Brazil, with 16 commercial firms, is the most represented country, followed by France and Sweden, with five each, and China and India, both with three companies.

There will be about 48 stands at the trade fair, 35 of which will belong to foreign companies, while the remaining 13 will be handled by Cuban firms.

Bosch Rexroth Ab (Sweden), Romysen SA (Panama), Industrias Sellemex (Mexico), Bundaber Walkers Engineern (Australia), P.M Telecomunicaciones (Spain), APLA (Brazil), Hutchison (France), and Biopower (a Cuban-English joint venture) are some of the participating foreign firms.

The Cuban companies and institutions will be represented by Zerus S.A., Azutecnica, Tecnoazucar, Icidca, Inica, Azumat, Azuimport and Trazmec, among others.

Companies like Incentive, Bayer, Anton Para, Haier, Robertet and Syngenta, which comprise a group of more than a dozen firms, sponsor the forum.

The 14th International Congress on Sugar and Byproducts, Diversificacion 2017, will take place from June 26 to 30, and will consist of a scientific event, a trade fair, a China-Latin America symposium, the 23rd Latin American Congress, the 3rd Ibero-American Congress on Weeds and a business forum.(Prensa Latina)


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