Special Contribution to the Milk Bank for New Born in Holguin

Special Contribution to the Milk Bank for New Born in Holguin

Special Contribution to the Milk Bank for New Born in Holguin

Holguin, Aug 9 – The ¨Luz Para la Vida¨ Maternal Milk Bank in the Vladimir Ilich Lenin Provincial Hospital in the Eastern city of Holguin has contributed in the nutrition of over 50 new born in the territory so far this year.

Maribel Hernandez, specialist in the area told ACN that this service will mainly benefit new born with less than one thousand 500 grams in weight, who will need special nutrition to counter infections and metabolic ailments and increase in weight.

She highlighted that the bank also assists babies that undergo surgery that cannot obtain the milk from their mothers and will help in their recovery and increase their quality of live.

Among the components used for the nutrition of the infants is pasteurized breast milk, which is obtained through a process that eliminated any PATOGENO in the liquid and strengthens the immunologic system, said Tania Wilson, specialist in the neo-natal service.

The milk is also combined with lactosan and is administers by via parenteral, a mixture of proteins, fats, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins, one of the strategies of the Maternal-Infant Attention Program aimed at reducing the mortality rate in the sector, said the specialist.

There are 7 Maternal Milk Banks in Cuba located in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Granma, Las Tunas, Guantanamo, Pinar del Rio, Holguin and Cienfuegos where breast milk is collected and conserved by donating mothers under strict quality process.

This service was incorporated in the health system in Holguin in 2012 and also favors children with chronic respiratory syndrome at the Neo-Natal Ward of the Lenin Hospital where one of every three inhabitants are born in the eastern territory.(acn)


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