A Great woman

A Great woman

A Great woman

Camagüey, Aug 23rd – I knew her in Vertientes´ cane plantations, watering pieces of the sweet seed on the open ruts, but her labor history began many decades earlier near the Siboney sugar mill. Today, when the visits to the fields of cane and the industry are sporadic, distant from the office where she carries out the Human resources specialty, she does not stop going forward to the sun to arrive early to her 55 years of work.She, perhaps one of few women with more than 50 years on the sugar sector in Cuba in full task, she tells me that she was a Model Mother and Combatant of the Education, founder of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution and of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC, Spanish acronym).

– How did you manage, then, to attend your two girls, your husband, the tasks of the mass organizations and to stand out in your profession?

– I went to bed late and got up (I get up) very early, I did the domestic chores early and I fulfilled my work as a member of the CDR and FMC.

– You possess dissimilar recognition: the medals of the Literacy, September 28, Jesus Suárez Gayol, Jesus Menéndez, Anniversary 40 of the FAR, August 23 … and you are inscribed into the Book of Honor of Camagüey´s Women. What has the Federation of Cuban Women represented for you?

– Imagine that being a youngster, before to the constitution of the FMC, I belonged to the Feminine Unit that was created and I have always answered to the tasks of my dear organization. Now, with less strength than at first, perhaps because of age, I recognize it, but from before the foundation of the Popular Power, for my District 122 and the Delegation Haydee Santamaría, I have taken part of uninterrupted form in all the arrangements and electoral processes as federated, that´s why I feel very happy that the Camagüey´s women are hostesses of the national act for the anniversary 57 of the federation.

Neither this female of the Sugar has stopped being an active trade union leader of the profession: “I was a trade union leader for more than 30 years, I occupied different responsibilities from the trade union section up to the bureau – four years – as a not professional member of the Sugar Provincial Trade union. I participated in 15th Congress of the Head office of Workpeople of Cuba (CTC, Spanish acronym) and in the congresses 16th and 17th of the Sugar trade union”.

And although the revolutionary trajectory of the militant of the Communist Party of Cuba is much richer, interminable than the experiences described and obtained by means of the factor “surprise” before a resistant modesty, I discover in the wall opposite to her work computer, tinted with green canes the Award for the Work of the Life of Luisa Máxima Pérez Arencibia, a willful woman who, among dawns and evenings, has made a long human link in more than half a century among cane plantations and sugar mills.(Cadena Agramonte)

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