Minister Considers Bolivia with Great Gas Deposit Potential

Minister Considers Bolivia with Great Gas Deposit Potential

Minister Considers Bolivia with Great Gas Deposit Potential

La Paz, 4 sep.- Bolivian Minister of Hydrocarbons Luis Sánchez reported that resources estimated today in the Madre de Dios basin in the north of the country could reach 32 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas.

According to the official, this figure corresponds to a preliminary study of the French consultancy Beicip-Franlab, one of the most important in the world, which ‘opens great expectations and hopes in this region, which we believe would be similar to the South Subandean- , he pointed out.

The Beicip-Franlab report was established with a geochemical model made with 3D technology (3D), explained the minister in a press release.

The site, located between the departments of La Paz, Beni and Pando, is considered by experts as the largest generator of these resources in the world, he stressed.

Luis Sánchez also stressed that Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) is developing seismic projects in that territory and results should be ready by January 2018.

With these tests we will have, in a few months, much greater certainty of the great potential existing and the hydrocarbon wealth of the territory of the north of the country, he noted.

He also assured that they will continue with the exploration cycle for well drilling in the country with the objective of confirming Bolivia’s gas potential for the coming years.(PL)

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