Life and work in Roman key

Life and work in Roman key

Life and work in Roman key

Camagüey, Sep 13rd –  In the morning of Sunday, September 10, a team of press accompanied the General of Army Corps, Ramón Espinosa Martín, vice-minister of the Revolutionary Armed forces and chief of the Oriental Strategic Region, and Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, president of the Council of Provincial Defense, who along with a group of the ministers and vice-ministers made a journey in the north Camagüey´s cays, up to Roman key.

In the place, it was possible to confirm that 73 workers of the Company of Construction of Works for the Tourism (ECOT) that were there from before the passage of the hurricane did not suffer any damage, since during all the preparation works to face Irma the discipline and the equanimity reigned.

The General of Brigade Manuel Álvarez Campos, the director of the ECOT for the Tourism commented: “From the first moment, we worked in the measurements of reinforcement of the covering, the protection of the material means, mobilization of the whole technique and the company divided in two groups, one in Alto del Ají and another advanced post in Brazil, as a strategy to guarantee the recovery works from there towards the key”.

The recuperative works began in Romano immediately after having spent the meteorological event. “Today we work in three fundamental directions, the regrouping of all the means and material resources in sure places, the creation of conditions in the camp for the permanence for about two months of the personnel, and the reestablishment of the communication with Camagüey.

The hotel entities that arise in the area did not incur losses in their structures. The minister of Tourism, Manuel Marrero, commented to Adelante with regard to the affectations to the sector in the province that “were in Saint Lucia and they are not of consideration. In these moments, there are hotel facilities working. The Cubanacán hotels open from 18 and 28 the tourist pole is already in full functioning. The Tourism had loss in carpentry, light covering, false roof, quite of easy repair. There is no problem that could prevent the operation of our hotels”.(Adelante)

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