The electoral process continues in Cuba

The electoral process continues in Cuba

The electoral process continues in Cuba

Havana, Sep 14 –  Next an informative note of the National Electoral Commission.The assemblies of nomination of candidatesto delegates for the organs of the Popular Power that began the last fourth of September up to thirty of the proper month, continue in all Cuba after the passage of the hurricane Irma, as in every place the conditions should be given.

The passage of the hurricane has been a hard test for our people, which in only a few hours has seen how the constructed with effort was struck by a devastating meteor. Product of the tough affectations, in most of the provinces and municipalities it became necessary that the Electoral Commissions and the Councils of Defense were evaluating the situation in every territory.

The initial program of the assemblies of nomination of candidates to delegates for the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power readjusted punctually.

The absence of electrical fluid, water, the damages caused to the houses and facilities, the interruptions of services, as well as the changes imposed in the daily chore of the population, among other causes, have been born in mind for the readjustment of the assemblies.

From sixth of September up to the date, it was necessary to suspend several of these meetings and to reschedule for the next days, although in several territories, they kept on developing according to the due schedule, and in these moments the strategy is planned for its continuity in a successful way.

It is necessary to guarantee the quality of the process, with entire fidelity to the Constitution of the Republic and Law No. 72, Electoral Law, bearing in mind the significance of the assemblies of nomination, like opportunity so that the electorate, in full exercise of their rights, proposes and nominates their candidates for the merits, capacities and commitment with the people.

The important thing is to achieve an electoral process at a height of the country and like expression of the Cuban democratic system.

In spite of the severe affectations provoked to the economy and the population in general, we trust, as always, in the support of our people.(ACN)

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