Camagüey´s Media, protagonists of the information after the passage of hurricane Irma

Camagüey´s Media, protagonists of the information after the passage of hurricane Irma

Camagüey´s Media, protagonists of the information after the passage of hurricane Irma

Camagüey, Sep 15 – With editions and special programs, the press, radio and television, have followed the step and the actions to be undertaken now in the province, to recover from the shocks that caused the hurricane Irma in its passage through the territory.

During the course of the meteorological event, families that lacked a radio to stay informed and counted with the telephone, were able to receive through the number 18899 direct coverage on the impact of Irma, carried out by reporters from the provincial radio station Radio Cadena Agramonte, and also maintained in real time and take immediate effect on its web site.

While the weekly newspaper Adelante, in contingency situations like this, already published its third edition to report firstly, during the phases of alert and hurricane emergency, on measures to take at home to minimize possible damage, prevent floods, accidents and ensure those products of first necessity.

In an integrated manner, the editors of this newspaper work with journalists from other media, provincial, and were in the process of updating its web site and preparing the last edition that came out this Monday.

In the current phase of recovery, the Weekly abounds in the tasks that are performed, and includes reports about the gradual restoration of electrical and telephone services, and the water supply.

Also the material losses in areas such as housing and agriculture, and the main tasks that are carried out in Camagüey to amend the damages, are issues of priority in its pages.

The current circumstances in the territory, in which the Camagüey´s inhabitants suffer, but fight the ravages caused by Irma, obliges the media to enhance its role to inform and orient, reason why this week the normal edition of forward will circulate again this Thursday.

In addition, starting on Friday and with resources of the province, the weekly will ensure your readers newsletters that will follow up the development of recuperative tasks, both in the provincial capital as in the municipalities.

With the imminence of Irma, the television-center of Camagüey also directed its programming to inform about the passage of powerful natural phenomenon in the region, and after the restoration of electric service, has been reporting from the most affected areas and interviewing top managers of companies or services to explain how the work to get to the normality in the territory. (ACN)

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