IFA officials to visit Cuba

IFA officials to visit Cuba

IFA officials to visit Cuba

Cuba, Sep 21 – In order to diagnose how Cuban soccer is, a delegation from the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA by its French acronym), related to its area of Development Project, will visit the Caribbean island for three days starting next Sunday.

Joyce Cook, FIFA Chief Member Associations Officer, heads the delegation which includes four other executives, who will exchange with the Cuban Football Federation.

According to the program, the FIFA representatives will know details of how Cuban soccer is projected, and as the visit is short, they will see videos of the Sporting Schools and the 12 soccer academies operating in the country.

It is planned a visit to Havana´s La Polar stadium where an artificial turf donated by FIFA is already used, as well as an information exchange on Antonio Maceo stadium, in Santiago de Cuba province, where it is intended to place another similar ground.

Luis Hernandez, president of the Cuban Football Federation, told ACN that visitors will learn about the methodological processes of this sport in Cuba and about the interesting collaboration project with Brazil.

This project will be very beneficial for Cuba as we will have excellent technical advice, good competitive exchange and our young players would improve their level, Hernandez added.(Radio Rebelde)

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