Cuban group of theater unable to participate in the Festival of Chicago

Cuban group of theater unable to participate in the Festival of Chicago

Cuban group of theater unable to participate in the Festival of Chicago

Havana, Oct 14 – The Cuban company Ludi Theater canceled its appearance at the first International Festival of Hispanic Theater in Chicago, in the face of the impossibility of acquiring the visa to the United States, today confirmed that the Ministry of Culture.

As a result of recent changes in bilateral relations, imposed by the government of Donald Trump, the process of obtaining visas to the Cuban actors has become an impossible challenge; so called the executive director of the festival, Myrna Salazar.

We did everything possible to get visas, but the changes were unexpected, they remain inaccessible and the income of that company in the country, one of the highlights of the Festival, scheduled to take place this month, he explained.

The executive director of the event also confirmed the cancellation of the presentations of the work “The Mirror”, of Ludi Theater, scheduled for October 22 to 19, and ensured the return of the cost of the tickets.

The current state of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba has resulted in the decision not to grant visas to the Cuban actors, and this makes that picture in an impossible challenge, said the official.

The work “The Mirror”, directed by María de los Ángeles Montero Tamayo, is inspired by “the comb and the mirror”, one of the staging of the Cuban playwright and theater critic Abelardo Estorino, written in 1956, and addresses issues such as sexism, gender-based violence, the family and religion.

This presentation of “The mirror” was suspended with much regret, he said the text of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba, while, the hall of the Steppenwolf Theater, of Chicago, will remain without functions during the days in which the work was going to be in theaters, he added.

In the event of Chicago will participate companies from Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico, in addition to productions in New York, Los Angeles and local groups.(Cadena Agramonte)

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