Vietnam and Cuba are One in Sochi

Vietnam and Cuba are One in Sochi

Vietnam and Cuba are One in Sochi

Cuba, Oct 19 – Vietnam and Cuba have special ties, united by profound love and always extending its hands in good and difficult moments; but on Tuesday, the joy of sharing the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students ratified the commitment between both nations.

During an encounter between both delegations in the Russian city of Sochi, site of the festival that gathers some 20 thousand participants from all over the world, each youth wanted to demonstrate how much is tied between both sides in its history, respect and solidarity, chains of sisterhood that reach the new generations.

Old friends, laughed and danced, shared stories, interchanged ideas. At the rhythm of music from both countries, Vietnam and Cuba became one while the Vietnamese enjoyed the Cuban musical group Buena Fe, Casabe musical project and Duani Ramos, leading voice of the group Moncada in addition to trova singers Eduardo Sosa and Annie Garces.

The night in Sochi shined with different cultures, despite the geographic distance, both countries felt friendship, but more than that, brothers and sisters, ratified by Le Quoc Phong, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Young Communist Union who characterized the day as special.

He said that he expects for Cuba and Vietnam to walk together in the future and continue strengthening its solidarity; he said he is confident that the Vietnamese people has a place in their heart for Cuba and vice versa.

We believe that there is no other person that has left an imprint on the youth as Fidel Castro, he said, and we will continue with the tradition of previous generations in strengthening bilateral ties.

Susely Morfa, the First Secretary of the Cuban Young Communist League thanked the expression of fraternity and assured that the world forum has united the voices, hands and spirit to reaffirm Cuba’s revolutionary and socialist position.

During Tuesday’s sessions, which included a number of panels and conferences, the island’s education system was discussed, moment in which several speakers highlighted the role of Cuba in the formation of committed professionals with Cuba and the world.(Radio Rebelde)

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