Workers Celebrate 34th Anniversary of the Journalism Institute

Workers Celebrate 34th Anniversary of the Journalism Institute

Workers Celebrate 34th Anniversary of the Journalism Institute

Cuba, Oct 19 – Workers of the Jose Marti International Journalism Institute and guests celebrated on Tuesday in Havana the 34 th anniversary of the center among memories and praises.

The Director of the Institute, Ariel Terrero highlighted in the political-cultural activity, the capacity of the center to attract national and foreign journalists to dialog and exchange in how to do journalism and to improve the sector.

Terrero also reflected on the institution’s main challenge: to achieve that Cuba follows Jose Marti and the socialist model in journalism.

The Vice President of the Cuban Journalists Association, Aixa Hevia congratulated the protagonists and recognized the work of the center and its residence El Costillar de Rocinante soon to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

She emphasized the impact of the journalism institute on the national level and commented that one of the demands of the professionals of the sector is for more courses.

Journalist Roger Ricardo referred to the institute as his “home” and remembered the previous directors, Guillermo Cabrera and Antonio Molto, who worked hard with the center and turned it into what it is now.

Ileana Gonzalez, Sub Director of Education, referred to the 1990’s and reiterated the valuable evolution of the center during the hard years for the Cuban people.

As part of the festivities, outstanding workers were recognized and a video was projected with current images and archives of the center for all to witness the before and after of the Institute.(Radio Rebelde)

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