Continental Event of Solidarity in Uruguay

Continental Event of Solidarity in Uruguay

Continental Event of Solidarity in Uruguay

Montevideo, Nov 14 – Cuban Yaniska Lugo, of the Martin Luther King Center, assured here the Continental Day for Democracy and against Neoliberalism will be a meeting committed to the solidarity of peoples submitted to struggle.

That solidarity will also include Venezuela, peace in Colombia and other scenarios that today trend in a continent either more to the left than to the right, because ‘projects in dispute are very much alive in the región’, she asserted in interview with Prensa Latina.

She stressed that the Center comes to the Montevideo event -from November 16 to 18- to improve methodology, communication, articulation, search for dialogue and understanding among diverse actors and to strengthen consensus.

But also, she said, to reaffirm what road to take in the next years, trying to strengthen mobilizations in the continent ‘to defeat the right that is coming back with force’.

The Young psychologist expressed there are diverse spaces where people are trying to strengthen consensus.

I believe we have to rebuild the capacity to defeat neoliberalism, with people protagoniosm, sovereign to imperialist policies and with the capacity to generate people’s economies, she said.

This consensus is being rebuilt from the time presidents coming from the people ‘were eroded with disputes and contentions coming from the transformation processes’.

Lugo considered that when you want to radicalize a process or deepen a revolution is normal there are tensions, but ‘we have to know how to overcome them to deepen the people’s project’.

‘We are at a moment of searching, finding, trying to overcome differences in order to find common roads, ‘that is what we want to achieve in Montevideo’, she said.

The official of the Martin Luther King Center, organization of Christian inspiration, valued as positive all that and said to believe ‘it is the greatest hope to find the capacity to unite different forces, in a way to unite us for the next years’.

She recalled the Center has been working on articulating the region in Latin America since the days of the World Social Forum. This Continental event was born in Havana on occasion of the defeat of the Area of Free Trade of the Americas, summoned together with other organizations as part of the Cuban Chapter of the ALBA Movement.

She explained a consensus was reached then and from there, the aim was to strengthen further ‘a wide and plural articulation’ where diverse sectors were represented of the peoples’ struggle in the continent together with networks that began to build alliances on different issues since the years of the Social Forum.

The route map to be laid in Uruguay, Yaniska Lugo pointed as fundamental reference in articulation of the consensus of Havana 2015, maintained over the last two years and unifies todayh four workshops of the meeting that were born in the Cuban capital.(Prensa Latina)

Among them are the struggle against free trade, transnationals; for democracy and integration of peoples. Today those ‘are very capable of articulating a great diversity of struggles, territorial, regional and sectorial in Latin America’.

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