Cuban President Honors Armando Hart

Cuban President Honors Armando Hart

Cuban President Honors Armando Hart

Havana, Nov 28 –  Cuban President Raul Castro paid tribute today to outstanding revolutionary fighter Armando Hart, who died of respiratory failure.

The Cuban television news indicated that President Raul Castro rendered the last funeral honor along with deputy secretary of the Communist Party and Cuban vice president Jose Ramon Machado, as well as Hart’s family and comrades.

At the Center for Studies on Jose Marti, Cuban first vice president Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted Hart’s loyalty to leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro and his dedication to the tasks entrusted to him.

‘As founder of the first revolutionary cabinet he led the Literacy Campaign and the admirable educational and cultural work that changed our country in those first years,’ said Diaz-Canel.

Diaz-Canel mentioned that Hart was appointed minister of the newly created Ministry of Culture, in which he rectified errors and distortions and resumed communication guidelines with the intellectual avant-guarde.

Diaz-Canel said that Hart promoted artistic education and outlined an institutional system that turned people into the leaders of the cultural processes.

The intellectual work of Hart (1930-2017) was largely devoted to studying the work of Cuban hero Jose Marti.

In 2010 he was granted the Jose Marti Order, which is the highest decoration given by the Republic of Cuba.(Prensa Latina)

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