Cuba’s Federation of University Students celebrates its 95th anniversary

Cuba’s Federation of University Students celebrates its 95th anniversary

Cuba’s Federation of University Students celebrates its 95th anniversary

Cuba, Dec 20 – On December 20, 1922, with the leadership of Julio Antonio Mella, and in the midst of the fight for university reform, an organization was born that today, more than nine decades later, continues to represent the dreams and aspirations of Cuba’s youth – the Federation of University Students (FEU).

With the same foundational objectives focused on representing university students and forging a new society, the FEU arrived at its 95th anniversary “immersed in an electoral process with the challenge of building continuity and honored to follow the example of Fidel Castro, with some 125,000 members throughout the country,” expressed Raúl Alejandro Palmero Fernández, national president of the organization, speaking earlier this week on the Mesa Redonda television program.

The FEU’s “first function is its duty to students in all its organizational structures. We maintain as our primary objectives the strengthening of the brigade, the cell of the organization, on which its good functioning, success and future depend. The organization’s capacity for renewal depends on this,” he added.

Palmero also noted that the FEU “has been in charge of taking the best of university arts, culture and sport beyond our borders.” Book launches, artistic performances, tours with sports stars, ballet classes, the national university system, salsa and book festivals, and the undertaking of tasks with a social impact, such as communicational campaigns in the media, including the television program ¿Quién Vive?, which attempts to show the best of university arts and life, are all demonstrative of the FEU’s efforts beyond the classroom.

Meanwhile, Anabel Treto de la Paz, FEU president at the Villa Clara University of Medical Sciences, noted during the same television broadcast that, “The 66,000 medical sciences students in the country welcome this 95th anniversary with the commitment to study to provide health care with the quality that the people deserve.”(Granma)

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