Positive Balance of the 11th Trade Fair of the Camagüeyan Young Creators

Positive Balance of the 11th Trade Fair of the Camagüeyan Young Creators

Positive Balance of the 11th Trade Fair of the Camagüeyan Young Creators

Camagüey, Dec 27 – The 11th Trade Fair of Young Creators Golpe a golpe came to an end accompanied by good trova, in one of the scenarios that most action hosted by these days: the Literary Café The Region, from the House of the Young Creator in this city.

During the closure, this Monday, prizes were awarded to the “painted” to Paul Cabalet Toledo, for the work the story, and to Leonardo Pablo Rodriguez with his lips, in addition to the recognitions granted to Luis Porro and Jorge Luis Polishing, by decision of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS).

It was also recognized young people who participated in the tent Tatoo, a proposal which makes it possible to access the tattoo from the art, from designs of members of the Visual Arts section of the AHS.

The troubadour and vice president of the subsidiary in Camagüey, Harold Diaz initiated the proposal number 150, last envisaged in the program of the exhibition, with its interpretation of the Largest, Silvio Rodríguez, to purpose of the day commemorating the 145 anniversary of his fall in combat, the 11 of May of 1873.

It was followed by other topics happily received by the public, as an escape to Mars and daring, and later joined Reinaldo Rodríguez, who also left room in his repertoire to honor Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz.

Yunielkis Naranjo Guerra, President of the AHS in the province, referred in the closure to the progress of that organization in regard to the plurality within the avant-garde, without losing the essence of what it means and demand, which has allowed the realization of more than three thousand 800 activities during the calendar.

He added that it is thanks to the powerful of this membership, large and committed, with a human quality that exceeds the deficiency of any other remedy, that the House of the Young Creator is today – the only National Vanguard of the country with that condition, and thanked the artists who donate their works to hospitals and give the step forward whenever it is necessary.

We will continue to be the counterpart of the institutional system, as requested by the Commander-in-Chief, even when Camagüey has the good fortune to maintain the best relations with the cultural institutions and count on your full support in all tasks, said Naranjo War.

The President of the AHS in this territory called the 12th Trade Fair of Young Creators blow by blow and the III Congress of the Association, both in 2018.

He explained that with effect from 20 April of the coming year will be chosen in the province the heads of sections, and then select the new presidency of the Association.

It also emphasized on the need to renew the artistic work to emergencies of other practices promoted by the new technologies of information and communication technologies, called also carried out at the national level by the presidency of the AHS.

Then return the trova, to close with the night, from the guitar of Antonio Batista, who gift to those present, among other topics, one of the symbols of the new Cuban trova: Yolanda, Pablo Milanes.

The 11th Trade Fair of Young Creators blow by blow left in the public Camagüey The impact of art young and members of this great project and the AHS, the certainty that the good work that is being done with the heart, will always be applauded and appreciated by all, in this and in all the years to come.(Cadena Agramonte)

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