Cuban Labor Union Sends Message to Workers and Population in General

Cuban Labor Union Sends Message to Workers and Population in General

Cuban Labor Union Sends Message to Workers and Population in General

Cuba, Dec 29 –  The General Secretary of the Cuban Workers Confederation, (CTC), Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento sent a message of recognition to the Cuban people and workers just a few days away from the 59th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution.

During a press conference on Tuesday in Havana, the member of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party pointed out that once again, the Cuban workers were active participants this year of the battle for the sustainable development of the economy.

He dared to characterize 2017 as a year of challenges, which, despite deficiencies that still exists, there were positive results amidst the limitations in the financial and material order, which is the economic balance of the country.

Guilarte de Nacimiento said that he admired how the Cuban workers and people in general demonstrated dedication to the concepts of unity, discipline, solidarity and commitment during the recovery process of Hurricane Irma that generated losses of over 13 billion 385 thousand Cuban pesos.

The leader of the Cuban Workers Confederation ratified the feeling of love, esteem and support of the CTC and its members, which have shown examples of the unity among its labor unions regarding the project that is under construction in the country.

He also wished prosperity and health and expressed gratitude of the organization he leads for all the union members.

Guilarte de Nacimiento extended his greeting and congratulation to dozens of thousands of Cuban workers offering their services in other nations.

He mentioned the young workers whom he characterized as the seed that will continue and guarantee the Revolutionary process and called on them to be protagonists of the work underway in the Caribbean nation.(ACN)

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