Cuba reaches the lowest child mortality of its history

Cuba reaches the lowest child mortality of its history

Cuba reaches the lowest child mortality of its history

Cuba, Jan 11st – In 2017, the child mortality rate ended with 4% per thousand live births in our country, the best in our history, according to what was said by Roberto Álvarez Fumero, head of the Maternal and Child Department of the Ministry of Public Health.

The director of MINSAP qualified the year as great for the mother and child system in the country, due to the reached figure represents 32 deaths less in than the previous period.

In an interview for Haciendo Radio, a program belonging to Radio Rebelde, Roberto Álvarez Fumero revealed other important health indicators which at the end of last year, they show very satisfactory results.

During the just ended year, 114 thousand 980 births took place, which means one thousand 892 less than 2016, and there were 465 deaths in children under one year, which is the lowest number of registered deaths till the moment.

The prenatal mortality and the deaths because of prematurity were reduced; like so the mortality up to five years old children from 5.5 to 5.4.

The reduction of the low weight birth rate and the total maternal mortality, such as the William Soler Cardio Center’s work, which showed an 85% survival rate in children below one year of age, are also identified as significant advances at the end of the year.

According to what Álvarez Fumero said, it cannot be spoken about these good results at the end of 2017, if the consolidation of the necessary transformations, structurally speaking, in the health system is not mentioned.

Among the factors that favor a more favorable result in the maternal program in Cuba, the development of a medical genetics network, a higher quality of care and services in maternal homes, the presence of a guide for the main maternal diseases, excellence in perinatal cares, and many others are mentioned.

Science and technology, in addition to the preparation of the human resource, also had a decisive influence on the country’s results concerning the child mortality rates at the end of 2017.

A new high-flow ventilation technology was introduced in neonatal intensive care rooms and there are no reports of child deaths due to diabetes, the unique nation of the world that achieves it.

It is also mentioned the presence of ten human milk banks in the country, which are certified by the Ministry of Health.

We propose in video details of the interview in the Haciendo Radio program:

The result in the child mortality rate per thousand live births at the end of 2017, places Cuba among the 30 first countries in the world, all of them both highly industrialized and developed, where our nation is the exception due to the priority given by the State and Government to the care of the children and pregnant women.

Finally, Roberto Álvarez Fumero, head of the Maternal and Child Health Department of the Ministry of Public Health, considered that the strength of the Cuban health system makes it unique and also the intersectoriality which is a pillar of these results.

He affirmed that holding these indicators for this year 2018 and the future from the daily perseverance and demand is a challenge and commitment.(Radio Rebelde)

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