Climate Impact in Biosphere Reserve Monitored in Santiago de Cuba

Climate ImpactBiospherSantiago de Cuba

Climate ImpactBiospherSantiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Feb 7th –  A systematic monitoring of the impact of climate change on the Baconao Biosphere Reserve´s biodiversity is currently carried out by specialists from the Eastern Center of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (Bioeco) in eastern Cuba.

Ariadna González, an expert from that institution, indicated that these efforts are part of a project in which scholars from the Provincial Meteorological Center, Megance and the Universidad de Oriente were involved, in the latter case with the contribution of a glossary of terms drawn up by their Faculty of Humanities.

One of the certainties thrown by these investigations, emphasized González, is that amphibians are one of the most vulnerable faunal groups in the face of these abrupt and intense transformations, which corresponds to studies from 1970 to 2000 and conclusions derived from international research.

Among the flora, she pointed out, stand out the humid forests or rainforests mountains of La Gran Piedra Protected Natural Landscape, where the shortage of rains and the high temperatures can negatively influence and make those trees look up for those natural conditions of their habitats.

The specialist stated that it is a kind of photograph of the moment to update the copious information generated over time by various investigations in these privileged environments and thus have a more accurate idea of the signs of alterations.(Prensa Latina)

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