Challenges in the Cuban Press Debated in Camagüey

Challenges in the Cuban Press Debated in Camagüey

Challenges in the Cuban Press Debated in Camagüey

Camagüey, Feb, 8th – The assembly of the Cuban Journalists Association (UPEC) in Camaguey, that comes prior to the 10th Congress of the organization to be held this year, debated on Tuesday in the eastern city on the current concerns and challenges of the press in the country.

The role of communication amidst the media war against Cuba, mainly in the digital platforms was the main issue discussed by the journalists in the territory, in addition to upgrading knowledge, vocational orientation and the need to strengthen professional alliances.

Ethics and moral and revolutionary principles were highlighted as the main weapon before ideological subversion that does not only have financing from the US government but also organizations based in third countries.

The members discussed, headed by the First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in the territory, Jorge Luis Tapia, on the role of the private media outlets that look to destabilize the Revolution and discredit the Communist Party as the leading political force in the country.

Journalist from Radio Cubitas in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, Maria del Carmen Castañeda, called for all journalists to strengthen their participation in the social media before any manifestation that attempts to destroy the achievements of the revolutionary process.

Professor of the School of Communication of the University of Camaguey, Karla Gomez spoke on the need to enrich the alliances among the media outlets and academy aimed at a better ideological preparation of the young students.

The provincial UPEC branch in the province was called on by the First Secretary of the PCC to play a more active role in vocational orientation at the pre-university level because there is a lack of professionals in the field in the municipalities and very few students taking university journalism degree.

The acting President of the National Journalists Association (UPEC), Aixa Hevia called on the creation of more spaces for debates from the base to solve the operational problems that still persists in the organization.

Challenges in the Cuban Press Debated in Camagüey

Challenges in the Cuban Press Debated in Camagüey

The new provincial executive board of the organization was announced after the election of the 116 members present in the assembly, with the ratification of Yuldys Marquez as President for the next five years with the presence of other provincial leaders, Central Committee of the Communist Party and National UPEC.

The delegates of Camaguey to the 10th UPEC Congress was elected, as well as the provincial ethic commission while the work of Photographer Luis Naranjo and Cameraperson Javier Lacaba were recognized both from the Camaguey television who recently concluded a working mission in Venezuela.(Adelante)


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