Cuba Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Historic Offensive in Vietnam

Cuba Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Historic Offensive in Vietnam

Cuba Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Historic Offensive in Vietnam

Havana, Feb 10 – The events of the spring of  ’68 were a symbol of the spirit of struggle and victory of the people of Vietnam, affirmed the ambassador of the Asian country in Cuba, Nguyen Trung Thanh.

The diplomat spoke during the celebration, at the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), of the 50th anniversary of the Tet Offensive, which determined the decisive turn of the war for the national salvation of Vietnam.

The events marked ‘a new step in the development of Vietnamese military doctrine and art,’ he pointed out, commenting that these memorable happenings paid off with ‘the great victory, barely three years after it took place.’

A triumph – he said – that was obtained thanks to the direction and orientation of the Communist Party and President Ho Chi Minh.

He stressed that this anniversary occurs at a time when the renovation ‘has achieved many important achievements’.

The ambassador also pinpointed that during the war of resistance ‘the Vietnamese people always received the unconditional support of the peoples of the world, especially the brotherly Cuban people.’

He added that ‘we will always remember that phrase of the beloved leader Fidel Castro.´ For Vietnam, Cuba is willing to give its own blood´, from there the support movement spread throughout the island ‘in a fervent way’.

In 1963, the Committee of Solidarity with South Vietnam was founded, he added, stating that ‘Cuba was one of the first countries to recognize the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam; it opened its embassy in the liberated zone and appointed its ambassador.’

In an special way – he reinforced- President Fidel Castro was the only foreign Head of State who crossed the 17th parallel to visit (in 1973) the zone liberated in the southern part of Vietnamese territory.

He emphasized that ‘special relations of friendship, faithful solidarity, exemplary and transparent brotherhood, integral cooperation’ between the two nations develops and strengthens.

The diplomat wished successes and health in the traditional Lunar New Year of Vietnam.

In his words the president of ICAP, Fernando Gonzalez, pointed out that ‘the strategic victory of Vietnam began on that morning of January 30, 1968.’

‘The depth and breadth of the offensive,’ he stressed, ‘put world public opinion against the war and our Vietnamese brothers demonstrated their greatness on the battlefield.’

The journalist and writer Marta Rojas, vice president of the Cuba-Vietnam Friendship Association, told anecdotes that showed the resistance, industriousness and courage of this people. While the string quartet ´Otros Tiempos´ and a representation of Vietnamese students in Cuba gave a special cultural touch to the evening.(Prensa Latina)

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