National Olympic in Pharmacology begin in Cuba

National Olympic in Pharmacology begin in Cuba

National Olympic in Pharmacology begin in Cuba

Havana, Feb 10 – Young People studying medicine or Pharmaceutical Sciences will test your knowledge in the National Olympic Pharmacology, which will take place from 9 until next day 11, in Havana.

Sponsored by the Cuban Society of Pharmacology, in coordination with the University of Medical Sciences of Havana (UCMH) will participate in the event, students from the different faculties of the country, renowned for their expertise in the careers of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The Doctor in Sciences Rene Delgado, president of the Cuban Society of Pharmacology (SCF), reported that each university must attend the first two awards winners of the Olympiad Provincial and a teacher.

In the case of Havana, Villa Clara and Santiago de Cuba, which in addition to the medical universities and their faculties have the career of Pharmaceutical Sciences, will the two winners of the Olympiad of Pharmacology in Pharmaceutical Science, with its accompanying teacher in each case.

It is a feast of knowledge, in which the only fact to attend is a recognition for students and professors who represent them, he said.

The pharmacology is essential to the training of health professionals, with great importance in the performance of doctors and pharmacists.

This discipline, which is a cornerstone of the pharmacotherapeutic, science “mother” of the treatment, of the rational prescribing, allows you to better understand the medicines, stressed the expert.

The topics will focus on antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral agents used as treatment in special populations, including patients with AIDS, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia; meningoencephalitis; cholera, typhoid fever and infections with impact in the urinary tract, and sexually transmitted diseases.

It will also examine the pharmacological basis for the rational use of psychotropic drugs in the treatment of sleep disorders, anxiety and depression; the pain, the bronchial asthma; and cardiovascular diseases, among others.

Previous editions were held in 2014, 2016 and 2017 in medical universities of Matanzas, Villa Clara and Cienfuegos, respectively.(Cadena Agramonte)

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