Health, diet and beauty go together

Health, diet and beauty go together

Health, diet and beauty go together

Cuba, Mar 5th – Most of the people hope keeping themselves young no matter the pass of the years.

In order to achieve the previous one and fulfill their goal they use several ways, for instance the diets which sometimes are made with moderation, but other times no, and in consonance with this the result is the opposite, they also look for articles, expensive at times, for beautifying the skin or other parts of the body such as the hair, eyes, nails besides of doing exercises in a systematic way for avoiding the overweight, and like this a great many alternatives in favor of the health and beauty.

In this entire search for keeping the welfare, diet is essential. Carrots, for example, are rich in beta carotene; it deals with a type of pigment that is present in plants. It is what gives the intense color to the yellow fruits and vegetables and the oranges. The name beta carotene comes from the word carrot in Latin.

The carotenoids are natural fat soluble pigments which are synthesized by plants, seaweeds and photosynthetic bacteria. They are the sources of the yellow, orange and red colors of many plants, for instance the red and the orangish of the oranges, tomatoes and carrots and the yellow of many of them, can be turned into A vitamin by the human body, studies have demonstrated that eating one daily can reduce the aging, besides of preventing many diseases. They can be eaten raw, cooked and mixed in the food or in a juice.

Health, diet and beauty go together

Health, diet and beauty go together

The avocado is also a very effective fruit; it is possible it does not have beta carotene, but yes E vitamin, which contributes giving a healthy look and mono-saturated fats to the skin that helps reducing the cholesterol.

Many people like eating chicken and meat products. But, did you know they are high in cholesterol and just give proteins to us? If you want to delay the aging signals, try eating more fish because it is rich Omega 3 fat acids. You can also fight the aging by eating peanut. The monkey nuts are full of fiber, but it has to be eaten with no salt or without toasting.

It is said that the meat products and the yard birds give proteins. But carbohydrates are the one used as energy by the body and the best sources are bread, pasta or rice.

Health, diet and beauty go together

Health, diet and beauty go together

Lastly, it is necessary to drink abundant water because it helps eliminating toxins and keeping the skin soft. The experts say that at least 8 glasses of water have to be drunk. It can be also obtained from the fresh fruits and the coconut water. The infusions, shakes and soups that be drunk will help keeping the good form.

The aging is something we have to accept, maybe these mentioned foods cannot avoid it totally however, they will give us a higher quality of life. Doing tasks of our preference will also help to this goal, joined to the daily exercise of a walk and be related to optimist persons that above all, love the life intensely.

Nevertheless, the applied measures, it is something that has an additional benefit which constitutes activation: having good feelings towards the others and being good persons, it provokes a nice welfare and inner peace, similar to the beauty that comes into the face when we are healthy.(Radio Rebelde)

Health, diet and beauty go together

Health, diet and beauty go together

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