Project Circuba Expands its Companies and Shows

Project Circuba Expands its Companies and Shows

Project Circuba Expands its Companies and Shows

Havana, Mar 9 – Having an international projection and a space for several companies, the Circuba project of the National Circus, expands its shows inside and outside the island, highlighted today the members of the cast.

One of the most recent groups formed by this circus institution is the so-called ‘Party of Wonders,’ a show that offers functions in various Cuban communities that are difficult to access and which is now projected to the public in other countries.

Among the circus numbers given by the company, founded in November 2013 and composed of 19 members, are the gymnastics in aerial fabrics; juggling executed on a unicycle; the clown shows; and the act with crocodiles, one of the most wanted.

The training emerged to rescue the circus practice in the Cuban rural environment, explained Mario Bellido de Luna, producer of ‘Party of Wonders.’

‘He has worked on tours throughout Cuba since it was created four years ago; however, our shows have received a lot of acceptance from foreign companies of this type,’ De Luna stressed.

Now we have incorporated four of the members of the group to several international shows as part of an exchange of performing arts worldwide, he pointed out.

Circuba is one of the most famous projects of the Caribbean nation and is associated with the National School of Cuban Circus.

It was founded in June 1968 and its artists work in all domains of circus acts, including acrobats, gymnasts, jugglers and magicians who are formed in Asia, America and Europe.

Having mastery and unique numbers, Circuba has a very creative distraction that makes representations a very colorful show. Circuba runs its own International Festival of Circus created in 1981, considered one of the oldest contests of its kind in the world, preceded by the Monte-Carlo, instituted in 1974; and the World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow, in Paris, founded in 1977. Since then, the largest of the Antilles is an international reference.(Prensa Latina)

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