Will the Cuban National Assembly Have Majority Women Deputies?

Will the Cuban National Assembly Have Majority Women Deputies?

Will the Cuban National Assembly Have Majority Women Deputies?

Cuba, Mar 10 – Cuba would have for the first time a National Assembly made up by majority of women who currently represent 53.22 percent of the candidates to deputies to the island’s Parliament.

The Member of the National Secretariat of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), Osmayda Hernandez said on Thursday’s Round Table Television Program that if the candidates are ratified during the second stage of the general elections on Sunday March 11th, female legislators will be majority in the National Assembly.

The Cuban Parliament would be the second in the world with women as majority, after Ruanda, with 322 women among 605 deputies that make up the 9th Legislature.

Hernandez believes that the high number of women at the National Assembly is also a tribute to Vilma Espin Guillois, eternal president of the Federation of Cuban Women.

The representative of the women’s organization has developed an important role in the preparation of both stages of the 2017-2018 general election, especially Sunday’s elections when the candidates to deputies to the National Assembly and delegates to the provincial level will take place.

During the program, the President of the National Electoral Commission Alina Balsero said that the country is ready to face the democratic exercise and called on all electoral authorities to work with responsibility and comply with what is stipulated by law.

She said that everyone expects the Cuban people to cast their vote and ratify their commitment with the future of the country, with several socio-economic changes underway aimed at developing a prosperous and sustainable socialist model.

Over 8 million Cuban citizens are called to exercise their right to vote among them 38 thousand 406 young people will vote for the first time.

According to Law number 72 of 1992, at the March 11th elections, you can vote for all, several or one candidate compared to the first stage of the elections where a voter only voted for one candidate to a delegate to district.

According to the election chronology, the Provincial assemblies will be constituted on March 25th while April 19th will be the day in which the Parliament will be conformed and a President, Vice President and Secretary will be elected and the members of the Council of State.(Radio Rebelde)

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