Cuba will ratify fidelity to the legacy of Fidel and Raúl in Peru

Cuba will ratify fidelity to the legacy of Fidel and Raúl in Peru

Cuba will ratify fidelity to the legacy of Fidel and Raúl in Peru

Cuba, Apr 9th – For Dr. José Antonio Copo Jorge it is a privilege to represent the great “army in white coats” and the Cuban Revolution at the People’s Summit, which will take place in Lima, Peru from April 10-14.

In the event, which will take place parallel to the Summit of the Americas and has the slogan For the Social Articulation of Our America, the II Grade specialist in General Surgery, on behalf of the Cuban health professionals, will ratify the willingness to continue being faithful to the legacy of Fidel and Raú.

In exclusive statements to the Cuban News Agency, Copo Jorge, Head of the Abdominal Organ Transplant Service of the Hermanos Ameijeiras Clinical Surgical Hospital, explained that he will also transmit the experiences of this great work and ratify the socialist and internationalist character of the ideas of these men and women of science and conscience.

We hope to have a fruitful exchange with the peoples of America and to demonstrate that with the union of all, a better world is possible, he said.

For the first time I have the honor of being part of the delegation that will participate in the great event, in an international context characterized by the intensification of the policies of interference towards our peoples, the expert said.

The eminent Cuban physician will participate in the People’s Summit as a lecturer, invited by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples.

There he will speak about the achievements of public health in Cuba, the solidarity and the impact of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States has maintained for more than half a century, in health programs and in particular in transplants, he said.

Civil, political, trade union and peasant organizations from the Americas are called upon to unite in defense of national sovereignty and regional integration with their own voice at the Peoples’ Summit, which aims to raise their voices in protection of the rights of the peoples of the hemisphere and against attempts at imperial domination.

There will also be a great Act of Continental Solidarity with the motto: For the Unity of Our America.

These activities will take place in parallel with the VIII Summit of the Americas, which will be attended by Heads of State and Governments of the Americas.(Radio Rebelde)

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