Cuban youthparticipateforumPeru in in despite exclusion

Cuban youth participate in forum in Peru despite exclusion

Cuban youth participate in forum in Peru despite exclusion

Lima, Peru, Apr 11st – A delegation of Cuban youth will participate today in the sessions of the 5th Youth Forum of the 8th Summit of the Americas in this capital city, despite having been excluded from the dialogue between social actors and high-level government representatives, scheduled for Thursday 12 April.

In the San Isidro business center, located in the municipality of the same name, there will be an event where 10 Cuban youth represent their country among 150 delegates from the continent.

According to Ronald Hidalgo Rivera, a member of the Cuban delegation, when he presented himself for accreditation, he told the press that he was interested in participating in the dialogue with the representatives of the States and that they had not been selected.

This is a malicious exclusion, because in the youth meeting 50 of the more than 150 participants were to be admitted by the organizers of the V Forum and “coincidentally” they did not choose any Cubans, he said.

Hidalgo Rivera denounced the non-transparent way in which the Young Americas Business Trust (Yabt) and the Organization of American States (OAS) – the organizers of the V Forum – made the selection of the 50 who will participate in tomorrow’s dialogue at the Sheraton Hotel in Lima.

The forum has not yet begun and they are already trying to ignore Cuba’s presence and voice, he said.

The young man also denounced the interference of three elements of the Cuban counterrevolution as supposed representatives of the Cuban youth in the V Youth Forum.

He revealed that they do not represent any legitimate organization on the island because the 10 accredited youth are the ones who have participated in all the events prior to the V Forum that will take place in Lima.

What participatory democracy is going to be discussed here, when the criteria of all the participants in the meeting are not taken into account, when there are no legitimate representatives of Cuban youth, he stressed.

He added that they called the organizers’ attention, so that these lies would not remain uncalled for.

Although Ronald Hidalgo does not trust that the Organizing Committee will give a convincing response, since they didn’t it at a similar event in 2015 at the Summit of the Americas in Panama, as they have only presented justifications, without arguments.

The organizers of the Young Americas Business Trust (Yabt) and the Organization of American States (OAS) said they will be conducting a review process, but so far there has been no response.

He assured that the youth delegation will not allow the V Forum to meet with the three “little people” in the room, because “we are not willing to dialogue with elements financed by counterrevolutionary and terrorist organizations”.

According to what happened in the Peruvian capital, the more than 150 participants of the V Youth Forum will begin the work in plenary in the morning and then will be grouped into three teams to discuss the fundamental axes of the VIII Summit of the Americas: governance and corruption, to make proposals that will be presented to the high-level segment tomorrow, Thursday.

In parallel, this Wednesday they will meet in Lima as part of the events prior to the VIII Summit, the inter-religious forum of the Americas, the III Meeting of the Open Parliament Network of ParlAmericas in the Congress of Peru and will continue the Alternative Peoples’ Summit that began this Tuesday, with the participation of Cuban representatives in all cases.

Coalition 15 For an Inclusive and Respectful World, in which the island’s genuine civil society has 68 participants, is expected to meet in the afternoon at the Sheraton Hotel, elect its spokeswoman and discuss the crucial issues that have been agreed in advance. (ACN)

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