The Longest Journey, a Bridge between China and Cuba

The Longest Journey, a Bridge between China and Cuba

The Longest Journey, a Bridge between China and Cuba

Beijing, Apr 21 – The value of art as a bridge was highlighted at the opening of the Longest Journey exhibition, with works by 25 young artists from Cuba who rescued the meeting points between China and Cuba.

Teresa Aleida Domínguez, vice-president of the National Council of Plastic Arts of Cuba, told Prensa Latina that this is the first step to begin a cultural, pure and responsible exchange to favor unity between the two countries.

According to the Cuban official, the exhibition contains paintings and other works from which the Chinese influence reached Cuba and formed the great mixture of nationality.

Dominguez pointed out that among the main themes were the environment, some characteristics and traditional elements of the different ethnic groups from China, together with the movement, colors and diversity of the Caribbean.

She added that Cuba also wants to invite some artists from China to participate next year in Havana’s Biennial, which is considered the most important plastic art event in Cuba.

On other hand, former Chinese Ambassador in Cuba Zhang Tuo pointed out the importance of the exhibition to promote bilateral relations and the knowledge about the two countries’ culture.

Tuo told Prensa Latina that works have a very high level, their authors are highly talented young people with a clear future and they can serve as an inspiration to Chinese creators to combine different styles.

‘I see with a lot of joy and satisfaction this kind of activity because it has a deep impact, Chinese people can learn about the high level of Cuban plastic arts’, the ex-ambassador noted.

The exhibition will be open until May 11 at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre in Beijing and it was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the two countries, the Cuban Embassy in Beijing , the Chinese Art and Entertainment Group, and the National Council of Plastic Art of Cuba.(Prensa Latina)

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