Eduardo Rivera will offer parallel horizons

Eduardo Rivera will offer parallel horizons

Eduardo Rivera will offer parallel horizons

Camagüey, Apr 24 – With the opening of the pictorial series Parallel Horizons will begin the celebration days for the anniversary 40 of the creation of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods (FCBC), and the 30 anniversary of its branch that here makes the commercialization viable to approximately 400 creators of plastic and applied arts.

The opening of this exhibition of Eduardo Rivera Milanés, composed by ten pieces made with oil on linen, will be on Wednesday, April 25 at 4:00 p.m., in the Gallery Amalia located in the Camagüey´s head office of the Fund, as it is also known an institution that contributes to the financing of resources of the economy of the culture.

In its two decades of trajectory, this young talent of Guáimaro, graduated from the artistic education, has deserved multiple awards and recognition, and his works are preserved in state and prived collections inside and out of Cuba.

The invoice of Parallel Horizons confirms that the essential of the slogan The authenticity is our difference, which contains the social order of the FCBC for the balance between the requests of the market and the broadcast of values to the public.

“Every product, every design, every piece that goes out of the hands of a creator is slightly unique. It takes implicitly an emotional, manual load and the cultural addition because almost always it is a reflex of what we are living and of what we inherit like tradition”, said to Adelante Digital Beatriz Ochoa Pupo, specialist of Development and Image of the branch of the Fund in Camagüey.

The immediate thing to the exhibition Parallel Horizons will be the Fair of Craft Art for Mom, from May 2 to May 12, in the Cultural Complex Casino Campestre, already habitual space of actions to promote and to commercialize identical proposals of the FCBC, as part of its strategies towards the managerial improving, and of its guarantee as coherent economic support with the Cuban cultural policy.(Adelante)

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