International Solidarity Brigades Visits Camague

International Solidarity Brigades Visits Camagüey

International Solidarity Brigades Visits Camagüey

Camagüey, Apr 28 – Over 250 union leaders and activists and social movements from 31 countries, members of the International May 1st and Ernesto Che Guevara Brigades are visiting the province of Camaguey.

The General Secretary of the Cuban Worker Confederation, CTC, in the territory, Tania Diaz Bermudez welcomed the brigadistas at the Ignacio Agramonte Revolution Square with the presence of other political and grass roots organizations.

Moments later, the brigadistas visited places of interests in the historic center of the city whose oldest part was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008.

Among them is the Interpretation Center where the Scale Model of the city of located and the Home Museum of Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, institution that holds the life and work of the independence leader against Spanish colonizers during the Ten Year War.

The solidarity activists also visited the Casa Quinta Amalia Simoni, neoclassic house built in 1848 and where the Home of the Women from Camaguey is located.

They also appreciate the pieces found at the Ignacio Agramonte Provincial Museum, built in the 19th century and treasures a collection of Cuba’s most important paintings.

Kiernan Colby, from the SEIU United Healthcare Workers West, in California highlighted the force of the Cuban labor movement compared to his country where US workers has to continuously fight for their rights.

During Thursday afternoon, the group exchanged with labor leaders from the Pecuaria Genetica Rescate de Sanguily Company located in the municipality of Jimaguayu and the Coppelia Ice Cream Factory and la Vaquita Cheeses.

Thursday event the brigadistas enjoyed a special performance of the Camaguey Ballet Company, emblematic dance group which recently celebrated half a century of its foundation.(Adelante)

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