Water Purifying plants for Camagüey

Water Purifying plants for Camagüey

Water Purifying plants for Camagüey

Camagüey, Apr 30 – With the installation of 14 purifying water plants in this province, the system of Hydraulic Resources in this territory grants vital importance to the quality of the liquid for the consumption of the population like a priority of this sector in the country.

The functioning of these machines, donated by the People’s Republic of China, will allow to eliminate the pollutant elements to achieve the parameters that demand the norms, mentioned Enrique Sánchez Arias, engineer of the Company of Aqueduct and Sewerage (EAAL), at the head of the assembly.

He informed that the plants have an aptitude to process 500 liters of water per hour and the disinfection it is for the incidence of the ultraviolet light of a lamp that it brings connected, which exempts of the use, smell and flavor of the chlorine that sometimes turns out to be unpleasant for the persons.

After the tests, after the assembly and the functioning of the first one of these machines in the locality of Brazil, of the municipality of Esmeralda, in February of this year, its effectiveness was verified on having obtained physical-chemical and bacteriological suitable indicators, made sure the engineer.

The plants purify underground and superficial water, and two more of them already give services in the municipalities of Minas and Vertientes.

The installation of the remaining ones is foreseen for the first semester of this year, in localities of Sibanicú, Guáimaro, Nuevitas, Florida and Camagüey, where the population will be able to buy every liter of water at a cost of 20 cents in national currency.

Sánchez Arias added that each of them has a generating group, which makes the sustainability of the service possible on having been designed to work even in isolated areas.(Adelante)

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