Unity and intelligence, key to facing new challenges by Cuba

Unity and intelligence, key to facing new challenges by Cuba

Unity and intelligence, key to facing new challenges by Cuba

Cuba, Jul 28 – Sixty-five years have passed since the historic morning of Santa Ana in 1953, day in which young, brave and determined, inspired by the ideology of the Apostle of Cuban independence, was launched to take two of the bastions of the dictatorship that he then governed the country.

The Clarion marked a turning point in the struggle for the independence of the island, which began in 1868 and truncated 30 years later with the US intervention in the war against the Spanish metropolis; and in the first decades of the last century, in the neocolonial Republic, nor it flourished and suffered the assassination of important leaders.

Led by lawyer Fidel Castro Ruz, the generation of the centenary, protagonist of that event was able to move the foundations of the nation. Inspired by that example, the village started the weapons the enemy and conquered the ultimate victory five years, five months and five days later, on 1 January 1959.

Six and a half decades later, that exploits inspired the current generation of Cubans, who assume the challenge of building the socialist homeland under the enormous challenge of facing the most powerful enemy who has had any village, inspired by the unforgettable example of the Commander in Chief.

The construction of houses, the efficient use of land, access to health and education free, massive and inclusive, are some of the programs that gave his life the Moncada´s fighters and that the Camaguey of these times carry out insurance of the victory.

From 13 August next, the discussion of the draft of the new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba will become in Camagüey, as nationwide, a popular exercise of reaffirmation of the participatory democracy that characterizes our socialism.

The Camagüey´s citizens assume that commitment with the healthy pride of knowing that its territory was the headquarters of all constituent assemblies convened during the anti-colonial wars, which were the constitutions of Guáimaro (1869), Jimaguayu (1895) and the Yaya (1897).

The objectives of economic and social development today involve the strengthening of the unity. When this was broken, followed the defeat; our rich history of struggles, is loaded with events that demonstrate the essential leave cohesive and willing to face new challenges.

65 years of the glorious assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks, assume the development of our nation with the courage and intelligence of who, a day like today, with his heroic gesture from the East of the country, renewed the flame of freedom forever.(Cadena Agramonte)

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