To the sale young plants of high genetic potential of the Camagüey´s Bio-factory

To the sale young plants of high genetic potential of the Camagüey´s Bio-factory

To the sale young plants of high genetic potential of the Camagüey´s Bio-factory

Camagüey, Sep 20 – The Bio-factory located in the neighborhood of Puerto Príncipe, of this city, assigned to the UEB Provincial Company of Seeds, offer to the interested parties young plants of diverse fruit-bearing and ornamental species for the cultivation, both in courtyards and gardens, as in fields of production.

Up to the closing of the first semester, 175 698 in-vitro plants had been sold, of them 32 673 of eddoes and the rest of bananas. Also, 8 450 young plants of papaya and 40 580 of vegetables, mainly of tomatoes. These went straight to the productive bases; all certified with the quality norm ISO 9001-2015 that guarantees a certification in the traceability of the product, nevertheless, now any natural person can come even there and acquire it.

This sowing material is of high genetic quality, free of illnesses, plagues and of big productive potential. In case of the plants of ornamental type, there are a considerable number of varieties, among them: begonias, croton, ferns, fig trees. All the young plants are commercialized in polyethylene bags with substratum of high quality and at reasonable prices. If you are interested you can call in working hours to the phones 32-262345 and 32-261921, or write to the e-mail

These young plants are obtained by the multiplication by means of the phenomenon of the organ-genesis, according to the Ms. C. Yakeline Lourdes Carmenates Basulto, director of the Bio-factory, “this process consists of the induced generation of axillar buds, followed by its individualization so that they begin a new life cycle. In it there are used artificial means of cultivation that have everything that the plant needs to develop: a base of inorganic salt and carbohydrates in addition to vegetable hormones, which allow directing the development of the buds in accordance with the phase in which it is”.

The Bio-factory was ready in December, 1990, its mission is the production of in-vitro plants of valuable species and varieties for the promotion of the productive areas of different cultivation, young plants of fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental plants.(Adelante)

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