First Symposium on Heritage Conservation Convened in Cuba

First Symposium on Heritage Conservation Convened in Cuba

First Symposium on Heritage Conservation Convened in Cuba

Havana, Sep 21 – The University of the Arts of Cuba (ISA) has called today for the first symposium on the conservation of cultural heritage: challenges and perspectives, dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the village of San Cristobal in Havana.

The event is scheduled for February 18-22, 2019 and aims to reflect on the main problems related to the theory and practice of cultural heritage conservation.

According to the press release, on this occasion foreign specialists willing to exchange experiences and contribute to the systematization of knowledge related to this branch may participate.

Among the themes to be dealt with are the conservation of cultural assets, traditional popular culture and its preservation, museology, museography, policies and management of cultural heritage and its relationship with communication technologies.

According to the announcement, the event will be held in the form of conferences, panels, lectures, electronic and audiovisual posters, although it will also have a special category for listeners.

As part of the collateral activities, there will be an exhibition called Proyecto Expedicion (Expedition Project) with photographs and pieces excavated from archaeological sites in Cuba, the pre-event course ‘Risks and Vulnerability of Heritage to Climate Change’, as well as tours of the Historic Center of Havana.

Those interested should submit a summary of their work before November 30 of this year at the Department of Information Services of the Faculty of Arts of the Conservation of Cultural Heritage of ISA, responsible for the initiative.

They may also contact, and to find out the registration fees and any other details.

Together with the university center, the event is co-sponsored by the National Council of Cultural Heritage of Cuba.(Prensa Latina)

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