Cuban President says a more just world order needed to achieve peace

Cuban President says a more just world order needed to achieve peace

Cuban President says a more just world order needed to achieve peace

Cuba, Sep 25 – In order to achieve a world in which peace and the peaceful solution of conflicts prevails, it is urgent to address the root causes that generate them, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said in New York City, at the Peace Summit convened by the United Nations.

There can be no development without peace and stability, nor peace and stability without development. There can be no peace and security for people with high levels of poverty, chronic hunger and malnutrition, unhealthy and poor access to drinking water, illiteracy, high infant mortality rates, and deaths from preventable diseases and low life expectancy, Díaz-Canel emphasized.

The Cuban President stressed that the millions excluded by the unjust economic order at the international level, the displaced, the hungry, those fleeing wars and the lack of opportunities to the territories of the abundance raised by the plundering of peoples, are victims of a silent and silenced segregation.

In a call to action by the international community, he called for action rather than words; cooperation, not intervention; solidarity, not plunder.

He expressed that Cuba is pleased and comforted that the United Nations General Assembly is meeting in a Peace Summit and that the summit bears the name of Nelson Mandela.

Díaz-Canel asked that this tribute also evoke the rebel Mandela who was forced to fight against injustice when the peaceful roads were closed to him, the political prisoner, the defender of human rights and his people, and the politician who changed history.

There is still much to conquer in order to make his dreams come true, he said, while at the same time stating that the only worthy tribute of his memory is to promote the development of disadvantaged nations.

Cuba is honored to have shared the struggle, in the first line of combat, together with its brothers from Angola and Namibia, he said, and assured that there was no greater recognition than the embrace of the free Mandela to the historical leader Fidel Castro in Cuban territory.

Díaz-Canel said that the collaboration of Cuba with the peoples of Africa has stayed alive for more than 50 years, and it is a priority of the foreign policy of the Revolution.

He recalled that Army General Raúl Castro Ruz described Mandela as “a prophet of unity, reconciliation and peace” and that Commander in Chief Fidel Castro defined him as an example of “an absolutely integral man (…), unshakably firm, brave, heroic, serene, intelligent, capable…”.

The Cuban president concluded his speech by calling on the international community to work for the future of peace that corresponds by right to the peoples.
Let us truly honor, fully, the unforgettable Mandela, whom the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution called “An Apostle of Peace,” he said.(Radio Rebelde)


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