US Lawmakers Wish Better Ties with Cuba and End to Blockade

US Lawmakers Wish Better Ties with Cuba and End to Blockade

US Lawmakers Wish Better Ties with Cuba and End to Blockade

United Nations, Sep 25 – The US lawmakers who met with Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel noted the need for the Washington-imposed blockade to be lifted and the importance of boosting cooperation between the two countries.

I wish the United States had full relations with Cuba, there is no reason to have a blockade that we know that it failed, said the Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass, one of the participants in the meeting at Cuba’s Permanent Mission at the United Nations.

We think that there has to be broad exchange, either in medicine or in other areas, noted the lawmaker from California, who also condemned the travel restriction that prevent US citizens from visiting Cuba as tourists. She referred to the situation in the US Embassy in Havana, where visa procedures were suspended after the Department of State withdrew most of its staff nearly a year ago, claiming health incidents reported by diplomats.

It is a tragedy that Cubans have to go to a third country to be able to come to the United States, it is a burden and an incredible expenditure, and it is inconsistent with the direction that I would like relations between our two nations to take towards complete normalization, she stressed.

For his part, Senator Ron Wyden noted that as the main Democrat in the Finance Committee of the Senate he was very pleased by the optimism expressed at Monday’s meeting about the ways to change the current restrictions to trade and promote mutually beneficial activities.

According to the legislator from Oregon, participants at the meeting also discussed areas of common interest, like renewable energy, which is very important for his state, due to the presence of several companies that operate in that sector.

He added that this meeting sent a constructive message, particularly in terms of economic opportunities.

Roger Marshall, a Republican, pointed out that it was a great meeting with the Cuban president and, as a representative of the first district in Kansas, which has great agricultural importance, he favored to improve trade and agricultural exchange.

We are working very hard in our Agriculture Act, which is right now in the process of conference between the House (of Representatives) and the Senate, he noted.

Regarding the opposition by some congress people to the rapprochement with Cuba, he noted that they are a minority of people with much power, but the supporters of normalization are trying to overcome that.

According to the congressman, the overwhelming majority of US citizens would like to advance and leave the blockade behind, a policy of more than 55 years.

A similar criterion was expressed by the Democratic Congressman Gregory Meeks (New York), who noted that the blockade ‘makes no sense’, it is a failed policy.

He underlined that many US citizens would like to visit and go on vacations to the neighboring country. ‘A travel ban makes no sense, Cuba is not a threat for the United States, it is only 90 miles away and it would help both of us to have better relations and that travel bans do not exist.’

My farmers would love to have agricultural exchange with the Cuban people in terms of corn and other products that will cultivate, said the Democratic Congresswoman Robin Kelly, from New York.

She pointed out that she has visited Cuba and the two countries have common interests, and noted that we can learn a lot from each other.

In that regard, she referred to sectors like health care, and highlighted Cuba’s achievements in the fight against diseases such as diabetes and the reduction of amputations due to that disease. ‘We can share knowledge and it will benefit the two countries,’ he noted.(Prensa Latina)

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