Cuban President Talks with More U.S. Businesspeople

Cuban President Talks with More U.S. Businesspeople

Cuban President Talks with More U.S. Businesspeople

New York, Sep 28 – Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, meets today in New York with businesspeople and executives of organizations linked to travel and airline industries in the United States.

The meeting is included in Diaz-Canel’s busy agenda, in the context of his participation in the high-level segment of the 73th General Assembly of the United Nations, where he spoke on Wednesday this week.

According to the director general of the U.S. Office in the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, the issue on the table relates to Americans traveling to the island and travel limitations.

It is technically banned for a U.S. citizen to go to Cuba as a tourist, the high-ranking official reminded reporters of his country, alluding to restrictions imposed and maintained by Washington, despite the demand to eliminate them.

Diaz-Canel talked yesterday with businesspeople of the agricultural sector of the U.S. and highlighted this is one of the groups that advocate for normalizing relations between both countries.

Although time is short in this visit to the U.N. General Assembly, we had a lot of interest in this meeting and convey a message of “peace, unity, understanding and also of appeal to normalize relations,” pointed the Head of State.

Despite measures taken by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, we continue open to dialogue, stressed the Cuban President.

In his opinion, the setback in bilateral relations is due to the interests of a minority group that, profiting from the policy, tries to put a break to rapprochement.

He ratified to entrepreneurs of the agricultural sector that Cuba is open to talks, as long as they are bases on respect, without conditioning or impositions.

He also referred to the influence that the agricultural sector may have in the demand to put an end to blockade, taking into account how that group negotiates or shows inconformity with the blockade’s restrictions.

‘For us it is very important that persons like yourselves can visit Cuba, talk and exchange ideas so our truth is really known,’ expressed Diaz-Canel.

Also on Thursday, the Cuban president exchanged points of view with members of the National Council of Churches of the United States, who ratified their rejection to the blockade.

During the meeting, Diaz-Canel recognized the long tradition of friendship between the people of Cuba and the United States and thanked the solidarity of that ecumenical body, shown many times and in multiple actions.

In his fifth day yesterday in New York, the Cuban Statesman also talked with the prime ministers of Vietnam and Lesotho, Motsoahae Thomas Thabane and Nguyen Xuan Phuc, respectively, and the Vice President of Costa Rica, Epsy Campbell.

He also held a meeting with UN General Assembly President, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, in which the two spoke of the importance of strengthening South-South cooperation and the commitment to multilateralism.(Prensa Latina)

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